3 Non-Electronic Ways to Make your Home Safer

Here on Hidden Security Cameras, you can find any number of wonderful, reliable products to make your home safer. Still, no matter how many gadgets you own, there are other ways to make your home safer, ways that don’t necessarily cost you anything. In addition to the surveillance products you may already own, consider the following:

  1. 1.     Getting a dog.
Safer home

Of course, it’s not a good idea to get a dog if you are not ready to take care of one. Dogs are a lot of work, but they offer innumerable emotional rewards. More than just this, however, dogs area great way to make your home safer. Research has indicated that dogs are very effective deterrents for burglars and that they contribute to a sense of community safety and well-being. Personally, I know that my dog barks very loudly whenever he sees a stranger approach my gate. This is a great way to not only scare off burglars, but it also alerts me that someone who I don’t know is approaching my home. The best thing about this is that I never trained my dog to bark at strangers. It just comes naturally to many different breeds.

  1. 2.     Joining (or instituting) a neighborhood watch program.

Neighborhood watch programs aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as they should be, only because they take some initial time to implement. However, what’s involved is relatively simple. Get some of your neighbors together, discuss the needs of your community, and get in touch with your local sheriff or law enforcement official. They can help you register your neighborhood watch so that you can post signs and get the word out. For more info, check out USA on Watch.

  1. 3.     Be aware of different things that might make your home more attractive to burglars.

Most burglars have entered homes before, and they’ve become experts at it. Be aware of what could make your home particularly enticing “bait.” Reader’s Digest has a wonderful list of quotes from convicted burglars who “tell all”—why they approach the homes that they do and what tricks they use. Read the list and consider ways to make your home safer. For example, if you’re out of town and you live in a snowy area, make sure neighbors will step on the snow daily to demonstrate that someone’s home. Hide valuables in your kids’ rooms—one burglar says he never enters children’s rooms. Think of other creative ways to take real burglars’ advice to heart.

What other, non-electronic methods do you use to keep your home safer? Chime in below!

Silvia Brooks is a freelance writer and home security nerd. Check out more of her writing at www.homesecurity.org. Silvia welcomes your questions and comments!

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